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August, 2013

Mountain Dew’s “This Is How We Dew” campaign, premiering online on August 1st and on TV later this month, will roll out a series of collage-style spots titled Portraits. The initial set of commercials will showcase athletes such as Nascar star Dale Earnhardt Jr., snowboarder Danny Davis and skateboarder Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez in separate spots. As part of a larger campaign, each online ad begins on a tight shot of the athlete, slowly pulling back to reveal a backdrop unique for each star. For example, Earnhardt’s ad features a checkered flags, airborne atvs and a Game of Thrones-like chair in the shape of an engine. Spots featuring Danny Davis and P-Rod respectively showcase drum-thumping yetis and japanese dragons. Gifs from each spot will be created and shared on the website in order to spread the campaign throughout social media as well. Not only are these ads unique from a creative standpoint, demanding multiple views to catch every detail, the idea of creating television ads that are almost instantly compatible for online sharing is a boldly original social media strategy.  For more details on Mountain Dew’s “This is How We Dew” campaign click here.