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Keystone enlisted YouTube viral video star Chuck Testa to create an entertaining three-minute video promoting their latest promotion, “Hunt for the Great White Stone.”

Within their seasonal, hunter’s orange 30-packs, fans have the chance to find a white can, emblazoned with an illustrated buck. Pair it with the rest of your 30-pack, and you can ‘build a mount,’ by creating a beer pyramid that looks like a massive, multi-point buck.

So Keystone clearly knows their target loves hunting, and they must also see their love for humor. The “behind-the-scenes” video promoting the spot allegedly documents what it was like trying to shoot a commercial with Chuck Testa (who gained Internet fame when Rhett and Link made a commercial netting 16 million views featuring his Ojai Valley Taxidermy shop for their IFC show, Commercial Kings.)

The video’s call to action encourages consumers to hunt for the rare white can and to share their stackings on Facebook. Social content continues the story and even includes humorous “hunting” tips.

The approach provides spot-on entertainment and buzz-value for what is essentially nothing more than a seasonal package change, making this a smart move for Keystone.