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Whisky brand, Johnny Walker, created a tablet app and website in an effort to explain their variety of flavors to their millennial consumers.

The app is used by bartenders and sommelier-style staffers to explain the flavors to new whisky drinkers in a fun way. Not only does the consumer get to interact with the brand on the tablet and learn about the five flavors – wood, malt, fruit, spice and peat – but they also get to taste the flavors. The app was designed as a part of Johnny Walker’s “luxury mentoring” program and will be showcased at high-end bars and tasting events.

Using a tech-based initiative to educate consumers about your brand is a smart idea. Everyone uses their phone or tablet for some form of entertainment – especially millennials, and Johnny Walker is leveraging that fact for the good of their brand. After seeing visual cues for each flavor and interacting with them, Johnny Walker saw a 38% increase in consumers’ recollection of the key flavors. I’d call that a success.