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Just days before the launch of its new chapter, Fortnite created a virtual black hole that sucked up the island and any player who tried to join the game. 

On Sunday, Fortnite fans who attempted to play the game were stunned to see nothing but a black hole on their screens. The video game remained this way for almost two days before the new map launched on Tuesday morning, officially marking the start of Fortnite Chapter 2. The new chapter starts off by playing a cinematic trailer, then immediately throws players into a match at the end, leaving them with a very memorable first impression. On the island, players can explore new activities and hidden challenges as well as discover changes in how the game can be played.   

Although the blackout was likely needed for maintenance reasons, Fortnite used it as a way to build hype and create a buzz online instead of just “apologizing for the inconvenience.” The anticipation of the long-awaited refresh drove millions of people to the black hole, making the launch that much more exciting and giving people a reason to talk about the game again.