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talk-to-esquire-21March, 2013
Esquire has recently released a free app for iPhone and iPad devices that will allow users to have an interactive, conversation-style experience with various popular Esquire personalities. Combining video and speech recognition, start-up company Volio (created by Ronald Croen, whose company, Nuance, developed Siri) hopes that this app will become a storytelling platform that creates loyalty in the mobile space amongst Esquire magazine subscribers by linking them with personalities like fashion director Nick Sullivan and drinks correspondent David Wondrich. Combining a guided Q&A format with speech recognition and user webcams, the app will create a Siri-like simulated conversation between the user and an Esquire personality via pre-recorded video responses, creating “a voice-guided ‘choose your own adventure,'” according to Senior Editor Richard Dorment. According to Mashable, these personalities will “ask you questions about your needs, habits and preferences. If you respond using your voice, they’ll guide you to a solution in the form of an outfit, cocktail or styling product.” Users can also elect to share their audio answers with Volio, which will ultimately aid the company in ironing out some of the app’s initial bugs and enhancing its framework. “If something doesn’t work we can investigate it,” says Croen. Volio’s main hopes for the app are that it will eventually aid not only publishers, but brands and filmmakers as well. Find out more here.