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May, 2013 

Demi Lovato’s new album isn’t due for release until May 14th, but in her new Twitter campaign, she uses the power of social media and trending topics to release new songs early to her 14 million followers. Die-hard Demi fans unlock her new songs by using the song-specific designated hashtag and having friends do the same until it’s trending, at which point they are able to download their favorite track. Within hours of her original tweet that included a link to the campaign website, it had drawn over 100,000 tweets utilizing the campaign hashtag. By implementing a social media campaign that lets consumers drive launch time, Demi Lovato is able to give fans what they want: more of her music – at their own control. Fans are able to become excited about the new album release while also getting an opportunity to pre-order directly from Find more information about the Twitter Timer Campaign.