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E-commerce juggernaut Amazon has found a way to connect consumers with innovative, emerging brands’ products that are not available anywhere but on Amazon.

Rightfully named Amazon Exclusives, this new feature aims to set Amazon apart from the competition by offering emerging, lesser-known brands the opportunity to have their innovative products showcased exclusively in a separate section of Specifically, Amazon is looking for relatively standard products that have a couple additionally unique or premium features that differentiate them from the standard products, but still at an affordable price. Examples include Jackery (premium charging equipment) and the advanced optic lens for the iPhone 6 from Olloclip.

This is a great deal for both sides. Amazon is able to separate themselves from competitors by having new brands filter their innovations directly through (almost like a music artist getting famous via YouTube), thus allowing Amazon to publicly enhance their “Good Samaritan” side while also potentially having consumers purchase other products while on their site. On the other end of the spectrum, the emerging brands are thrilled to sign up for Amazon Exclusive in efforts to avoid going through the strenuous traditional process of getting products sold in and embedded into popular online and shopper outlets. Not to mention, chances are they’re pretty content with putting their trust in the all-powerful and trustworthy Amazon. Find out more about Amazon’s newest business venture.