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With the Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021, Airbnb will bring athletes to people’s homes around the world through online experiences.

Over 100 Olympians and Paralympians from 20 countries will participate in the 5-day festival. Experiences will be offered on Airbnb’s app and website and range from lectures, cooking classes, workouts and even tours centered around Tokyo and its culture. Tokyo tour experiences will allow local hosts to show people around historic sake breweries and other famous landmarks. Starting July 22, fans can book experiences with their favorite athletes on Airbnb’s website and app. The festival will be live from July 24 through July 28. Once the festival is over, videos of select events will be posted to YouTube for people to watch later. 

During the pandemic, Airbnb has found a way to continue engaging with its community despite a decrease in travel. Through virtual events and partnerships with companies outside the travel industry, Airbnb has the potential to tap into wider audiences and bring everyone together.